Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mayans Life

Mayan peasants were not easy. Mayan peasants lived in one-room huts built of interwoven poles covered with dried mud. Their families worked hard, but ceremonies and rituals provided a break from work and a chance to honor important events. Mayan women had to rise before dawn to get the fire burning in the fireplace. With the help of their daughters, Mayan peasants cleaned the corn that had been boiled and left to soak and soften overnight. Then they set to work at the grinding stone, pounding corn into meal.

A big event for Mayan youth was marriage. Girls married when they were as young as 14. Marriages were negotiated by the village's matchmaker. Families had to agree on how much food and clothing would be given to the bride's family. They also had to agree on the number of years a young man would work for his new wife's family. When the home was ready, the villagers put a hut for the couple behind the home of the bride's parents. After the priest blessed the marriage, the villagers celebrated.

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